the way we bank

We are a fintech start-up that utilizes blockchain technology to build a decentralized digital banking platform to promote financial inclusion amongst the unbanked and to the banked segment to seamlessly manage their financial assets (both digital and fiat) in a transparent, secure and efficient mode.

the way we bank​

A Fintech start-up which utilizes blockchain technology to build a decentralized digital banking platform to promote financial inclusion amongst the unbanked and to the banked segment to seamlessly manage their financial assets (both digital and fiat) in a transparent, secured and efficient mode.

With FINX Smart Wallet, You Can Soon ...

Buy Digital Currencies With Credit Card & Bank Transfer

Trade Digital Currencies With Built-In Exchange

Withdraw Digital Currencies to FIAT via ATM Network

With FINX Smart Wallet, You Can Soon ...

Withdraw Digital Currencies to FIAT via ATM Network

Buy Digital Currencies With Credit Card & Bank Transfer

Trade Digital Currency With Built-In Exchange

Provide a seamless banking platform that accepts fiat and cryptocurrencies
for the world’s banked and unbanked population

The FINX decentralized banking platform
enables anyone who has access to the Internet to own a banking account
and to seamlessly manage their fiat and cryptocurrencies with our proprietary FINX smart wallet.

FINX Smart Wallet

Your 1 Stop Digital Banking Solution

“This innovative smart wallet not only lets you store, send, receive, invest, withdraw and swap, but also allows you to trade your digital currencies via an in-built exchange at your fingertips anytime, anywhere”









Stages of Smart Wallet Enhancement

Building A Robust Decentralized Blockchain Platform

  • Provide seamless decentralized mobile platform to manage fiat and crypto currencies
  • Features include a unique innovative blockchain in-built FIBOS exchange

A Journey Towards Digital Banking

  • Global ATM cash withdrawal function
  • Wallet enhancement to include savings, current account, remittance and investment features
  • Platform to enable micro-financiers to disburse loans through FINX wallet
  • Platform to enable e-Sport and gaming players to purchase tokens
  • Multi-currency transaction and usage capability

Providing Digital Banking Solutions

  • Ability to process , approve and disburse micro loans seamlessly within minutes
  • Provide digital solutions instantly for non banking needs (insurance and investment)
  • Digital Staking



FINX 5 Year Franchise Roadmap

Our Team

Victor Hoo, Co-Founder​

From planning and execution to business and product development, Victor is central to the formation of FINX. He has more than 15 years of experience in corporate finance, information technology, legal and fund management. Victor is a postgraduate in banking and finance law, corporate and commercial law from the University of London. Victor has also recently obtained a certificate in the Blockchain Strategy Program from Said Business School, University of Oxford.

Pua Kim An, Co-Founder

Pua Kim An is a successful entrepreneur who has vast experience in the sector of property development. Pua is also recognized in the “World Fujian Business Directory 2011” as one of the featured successful entrepreneurs. He currently holds major positions in various companies with multiple notable completed projects under their belt.

Eric Lee, Co-Founder

Eric Lee is one of Malaysia’s top young entrepreneurs with outstanding performance in investment and technology development. He has vast experience in investment across different industries such as technology, agriculture and stock market. Besides that, he is also well versed in IT such as in mobile application and AI development. His business spans across Malaysia, China and Singapore.

Alan Wee, CEO

Alan has over 25 years of experience in the consumer banking industry, having held numerous senior management positions with various banks. He has served as the COO Branch Network Banking and General Manager Secured Lending at Hong Leong Bank, Sales & Marketing Director at Southern Bank Malaysia and as Vice President at Citibank. He also served as the Retail Banking Director at Al Rajhi Bank and as Executive Director, Consumer Banking at United Overseas Bank (China) Limited.

Joseph R. Banks (Bobby), Financial Advisor

Bobby is a seasoned Financial Services executive with a proven track record of navigating next generation funding structures and operating challenges for fast growth companies. Bobby was the Managing Director at JP Morgan Chase, London, UK, the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Group, Managing Partner of Hazelstreet Partners, London, UK, the Group CFO for Mountain Partners AG and Co-CEO & Head at the London office of PanAfrican Investment Co.

Jeremy Roberts, Financial Advisor

Jeremy has more than 20 years of corporate finance, principal investing and private equity experience primarily in the industrial, transport, leisure, technology and energy sectors in the UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Latin America and Asia. He was the Vice President of Credit Suisse First Boston, where he focused on the provision of investment banking services to clients within the transport sector. Jeremy was also a Director at Lansdowne Capital. On returning to the UK, he helped establish Global Group Capital Management as an FCA approved and authorized corporate finance business.

Marco Baccanello, Financial Advisor​

Marco has a wealth of Corporate Finance and Investment expertise in both the Financial Services and technology sectors. He spent over 10 years with PwC in London, Johannesburg and Silicon Valley, working on a wide range of clients, advising on capital raising, investment and growth strategies. His business interests include operations across Europe including the UK, Spain, France, Poland, Ukraine and the Middle East. Marco has worked on deals with Comcast, Sky and a number of investment funds in the UK, China and the USA.

Founder of FIBOS

Henry Chai
Head of IT


Luo, Yuanhang
Bancor Protocol Proof Reader

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